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Kevin & Michele

I have known Michele for a few years as she was the receptionist at my church. Always the kindest young lady with a welcoming smile. When she asked me to film her wedding I knew it would be really special and was honored to partake. My good friend Ely Roberts took some radical photos you can check out Here.

The day in sea canyon was beautiful and they are perfect for each other. Thrilled to share their day!

Clay & Amy

The sweetest two individuals ever got married and we got to capture it. Clay and Amy are quite the treat and we were honored to be create this film for them!

Clay & Lindsey | The Proposal

Sharing life with loved ones is honestly the greatest treasure we can experience on earth. I had the opportunity to capture and share in one of my best friends engagements this past weekend. It was such an intimate and special moment that I was honored to be a part of. We followed the proposal with a celebratory weekend in napa exploring all the excellent food and wine that this region has to offer. Life long memories created!

Stoked for Clay & Lindsey and their new life together!