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Kristian & Lupita

It all began in the summer of 2004 when Lupita had to attend a local concert in requirement for a college class. Due to a friends recommendation, she decided the Damon Castillo band would be her pick. They were performing on a lovely Saturday right here at the Mission plaza in San Luis Obispo.

She picked up a CD after her enjoyable experience and on her way out bumped into a fellow by the name of Kristian, the bands key player. After a bit of conversation they said their goodbyes and carried on their way. Due to her amazing experience she decides to attend another concert, it was at this time she was told a friend of a friend was married to the drummer of the same band! So with some flirtatious moves, she passed her number to her friend and kindly asked for her to give it to Kristian. After waiting for what seemed like years, (only two weeks) Kristian finally called and they arranged their first date and Linnea’s in SLO. It was an instant bond and they have been together ever since. They dated for two years, bought a home, and Kristian proposed at the same coffee shop that they had their first date.

The wedding was very personal and located at their beautiful home in Paso Robles, CA. The details were simple, and greatly reflected who these two are. So awesome to hear how two strangers come to meet and decide to spend their lives together. I get so pumped!